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Where’s travel heading next? As the landscape evolves post-pandemic, this data set follows today’s globetrotters to explore what makes or breaks their experiences.

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Take flight with insight

This unique study gives you the window seat on consumers.

Get an all-access view

Plunge into new data across hospitality, destinations, tourism, transport, and more.

Unpack the whole journey

See insights at every stage of the travel purchase journey, from research to reviews.

Know their deal breakers

Uncover consumer attitudes, motivations, and preferences to see what matters most.

Explore their worlds

Sync seamlessly with our Core data set for a tour of travelers’ lives, home and away.

Give wings to your ideas

Market competition is hotter than Hawaii, so it’s never been more important to pay attention to what travelers think, feel, and do. With reliable data, track the latest trends and validate your ideas. Perfect for building targeted campaigns and bespoke travel packages that drive more sales.

Check in with your audience

From business trips to vacations, discover which journeys are worth consumers’ hard-earned cash. With travel preferences on tap, you know exactly where the ROI lies. That kind of quality insight opens doors to big opportunities.

Trust in first-class data

We ask questions others don’t for a robust, reliable view of domestic and international travel. Segment audiences in seconds, or visualize data in shareable charts and dashboards - all in one intuitive platform. It couldn’t be easier to shape five-star strategies your whole organization can get behind.

Drive sky high growth

Understanding consumer travel sentiment and behavior gives you the tools to align your strategy and stay two steps ahead of competitors. With fresh insights into the ever-evolving travel sector, you can make faster decisions and minimize risk. That makes retaining and gaining market share a breeze.

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